Thursday, January 10, 2013

I did not expect my first post (introduction excluded) to be somewhat political about a controversial topic but here goes.
The woman in Walton County Georgia, I think, did a remarkable and brave thing the other day when she shot the home intruder to protect herself and children.  I am happy that she exercised her 2nd amendment right and felt confident enough in her ability to use the weapon as needed.  Throughout this week, while listening to many news reports, there was a mention that once this intruder recovers from his injuries that he could possibly sue the woman and her family for said injuries.  I hope that is not the case because I believe he lost all rights to sue for injuries once he premeditated the burglary and intended on hurting those inside.

As you are very well aware, there are, what seems to be, thousands of individual discussions occurring now about gun control and gun violence prevention given the tragic actions of a few people in the past couple of years.  During these conversations there are many ideas tossed about and argued regarding banning certain firearms, doing mental back-ground checks on people purchasing guns and many more.   One idea is to have a national list of people who have been diagnosed/treated for mental illness so gun/ammo dealers can identify them when these people try to purchase said merchandise.  It seems like that once it gets wholly fleshed out there is a small chance it could work.  The one major roadblock to this plan I see is that some people with severe mental illnesses may not always seek the necessary treatment; therefore they fall through the system cracks, and then a few decide they should go shoot many innocent people.

So, instead of doing background checks to learn if potential gun/ammo purchasers, maybe there could be a test that every gun/ammo selling business should have people take to determine if they are stable enough to buy this merchandise.  So I have come up with a list of questions for just such a scenario. (And yes, I realize I am probably being outlandish with this but I just could not help myself.)  They are:

      1)      Do you have the capacity to love yourself and others

2)      Do you value life

3)      Do you have honest healthy relationships with others

4)      Are you able to respect and empathize with others

5)      Do you understand there are consequences for your actions

6)      Do you believe your evil-eyed bunny slippers talk to you and like doing cocaine

7)      Do you believe that you will become leader of a kingdom of nugget-sized people made of marshmallow fluff, have three eyes, have horse tail for hair and octopus tentacles for arms

8)      Is Hitler one of your heroes

9)      Do  you frequently wear tinfoil on your head to prevent the aliens from taking over your mind

10)   Do you often try to eat your shoes

11)   When going out in public, does your normal outfit consist of a court jester’s hat, clown make-up, boulder-sized shoulder pads, parachute pants made of llama fur, a sword made of bedazzled foam and sparkles , elfin shoes covered with feathers and a small but real birdhouse as a necklace
If there is more than 1 ‘no’ to questions 1-5 and more than 1 ‘yes’ to questions 6-11, then, please send those people to the crazy farm!

And today's pun – courtesy of the internet - Biologists have recently produced immortal frogs by removing their vocal cords. They can't croak.

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