Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Vagina.  Twat.  Pussy.  All words, biological or slang, to describe one of the major things that makes a female a female.  Also words to describe a male who is showing weakness or emotions.

Why is a man showing emotions or weakness a bad thing?  I know for centuries men were supposed to be tough and hold their feelings in check, otherwise they were mocked if they weren’t strong.  However, when women show weakness or emotions, its ok because ‘it’s a woman thing.’  Did you know that women can be strong, stoic and hold back our emotions too?  How shocking!  Damn, we all are human beings and it is ok for human beings to show emotions.  I don’t think expressing feelings or emotions makes one less of a person.  *Disclaimer there obviously are many and various situations where it is unquestionably appropriate to hold one’s feelings and emotions in check and keep a cool, calm head and nerve.*  *2nd disclaimer: if you show emotions to me that are rude and downright atrocious for a given situation, I will have a nasty opinion about you.*

When did the male population collectively decide it was perfectly fine to use V, T & P in such a derogatory manner?  I absolutely loathe the P word in written and spoken formats (used in opening to be dramatic).  The use of twat and P is truly disgusting and vulgar, and I can’t imagine why any female would be ok with people using those words in any context.  For that matter, and to be fair, should we stop using dick or cock to stop describing males who are acting like rude, malicious, dumb bastards?  Furthermore, how did the words dick and cock remain only for the use in describing men who are being terrible people?  How did the words vagina, twat and P get to be used to describe some males?  We women don’t have penises and men don’t have vaginas (transgenders excluded here).  I don’t recall ever hearing of a woman being described as a dick when she is acting like bitch.  She is just called a bitch.  And some men may be described as being a whiny bitch.

I have seen where men will describe other men as ‘having sand in their vagina.’  How the hell did this even become a thing?  Supposedly this is told to men who are being ‘whiny bitches who need to get the job done.’  Do men who say this and similar things not remember what the vagina does for the human race?  It brings forth more humans (respectfully excluding c-section people here).  The vagina is one extraordinary piece of biological machinery.  It is strong and amazing.  And I don’t know any straight men who are not trying to get in one at some point or another.  Why would straight men be so disrespectful and insulting of something they are after?  If they want to be near a vagina so bad, they should cherish it, and not use its name and slang terms to belittle and disparage other men. 

I know that men, and some women for that matter, will call males they see as weak a V, T or P.  When did having a vagina automatically make women the “emotional” sex?  Do men not get emotions too?  They are not robots devoid of all feeling.  Hell, even the tinman in wizard of oz had feelings; and he had no heart.  He showed passion for why he believed in the importance of emotions, and he was saddened by the loss of his heart.  And he was pleased when he got a heart.  Passion, sadness and pleasure are emotions.

Recently, rapper T.I. said that a woman should not be president of the US because we are too emotional, would make rash decisions and are inconsistent in our decision-making.  (see here)  Obviously, little angelic T.I. forgot about some of his rapping peers who have been arrested for various crimes over the years.   Like Jay-Z shooting someone and stabbing another; like Flava Flav assaulting people, Vanilla Ice for domestic battery and C-Murder for killing someone.  (see here).  Hey T.I.!  You know what these people all had in common?  Anger.  They were angry.  And do you know what anger is?  An emotion.  And they let their emotions and stupidity make rash decisions for them.  And you know where they landed? In jail.  And you know what else, anger is defined as 1) a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because of something wrong or bad; and 2) the feeling that makes someone want to hurt other people. (see

So this is just a small sample to showcase that men have emotions and make poor decisions too.  GASP!  Also, there is a looong history of women being presidents of countries.  (see here) If rapper T.I. believes there is no way a woman can be president (and he even said that the Loch Ness monster has a better shot at the presidency than a woman), then he better not go to Germany, Liberia, Argentina or any of the other 12 countries where a woman was elected as president.  All in all, there are 22 countries where a woman is in the drivers seat.

So lets stop saying that vaginas make women emotional and stop calling males a V, T or P.  Its ignorant and childish and shows 1) you have a limited understanding of how feelings and vaginas work; 2) you are emotionally immature; 3) you are lazy, inconsiderate and selfish; and 4) you are too dumb to grasp the importance of emotions and vaginas.  So lets all grow up and get more creative in our cursing.  And men be more respectful of our lady parts.
And here is today’s pun, courtesy of the interwebs ---

I'm no photographer, but I can picture us together.



Friday, June 12, 2015

I am a Mud Runner - pics 7

So I am having major problems with Blogger and cannot put all of my pictures from the Mud Run in one post.  This means I have to make multiple posts for these pictures, and for that  I am sorry for all the links you have to click on to see the awesome pics.  And also, it is quite annoying for me trying so many times and spending so much time trying to make this work. 

So without further ado, here is the 7th and final set of pics.

A big Thank You to my hubby, Harry and our boss for some of these pics!! The others are from Rugged Maniac.

We wore our awesome cool shirts to work

I forgot this one earlier.  I was incredibly thankful
for these strong men getting me over that terrible Warped Wall