Friday, February 6, 2015

Women, We are Marvels!

Because I have been hearing and reading so much about this subject lately, I came up with this poem.  Hopefully it is well done; I do not usually write poems. So if this is not good, I am sorry; but I do like the 3rd line.  hehehehe!!!   ;-)

Radio, social media , tv are all talking about women
Some are classifying us as objects, not good for much
Saying we can’t be leaders or rulers because we don’t have semen
They need their egos intact and inflated; greed is their crutch

Others saying we can be superwoman.  Can be strong
and have emotions; be kind, still be leaders.
An admired lady speaking at UN, representing. We belong.
Stopping uneducated drivel, the equality others try to censor

More than vaginas, periods, emotions with cooking skills
More than boobs, baby-nursing and lower wages
Equal we are, just like the others; we’re more than giving thrills.
Intelligent, creative, witty; while the others try to keep us in cages

Just like the others are supposed to be good for more
than bar drinks, food tabs, door holders and better drivers
Just like they are supposed to be smarter, stronger and so sure
Of themselves, thinking they’re secret agent Macgyvers

We are more than soft, blabbing irrational beings
We are more than silly girls who laugh at their dumb jokes
We vote, educate, lead, heal. Do more than wild dreaming.
Damn it, we are WOMEN.  Strong. Capable. Marvelous. Greatness we invoke!

Since at the beginning of this whole adventure I promised puns for nearly every post, here is today's pun courtesy, as always, of the interwebs:

Smaller babies may be delivered by stork but the heavier ones need a crane