Thursday, July 14, 2016

Haikus on Various Topics

Hello!  For some unknown reason I have recently gotten into haikus.  Most of these are based on my real feelings for my experiences.  Others are made up and I think sound nice.  Hope you enjoy!

Integrity and
Self-respect respect hard to keep
When one might be doomed

I’m a go-along
Bleeding heart, doormat nice girl
I’ll say that is fine

Restless restless me
Need change in scenery now
Can’t stay still. Need fun

If I had the soul
Of a lovely butterfly
Delight I would bring

He sleeps and he dreams
Peaceful.  Content.  Warm. Cozy
Rested. Pleasant night.

Treetops sway gently
Owls calling to each other
Magical spring night

Clichéd we became.
Caricatures we are not.
Look. See the real us

Excited and sad
I’m being left for something
That should be better.

(for clarification: the one above was written when my friend/co-worker accepted a job elsewhere.  I miss her terribly at the office.)

Adventure abounds
Cheerful, down the road we go
What will we see next?

When you don’t have good
examples, make your own. For
you need them to grow.

Todays pun courtesy of the interwebs -
When William joined the army, he disliked the phrase "fire at will."

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