Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pics for Rugged Maniac - Round Two

all clean and ready to go
and we are off!! so exciting

great job at the gong obstacle Emily!

two muddy girls having fun!!
                                                            finishing the commando crawl
this girl's rocking it at the frog hop
getting through the frog hop - so dreaded this one
                                                                    soooo hot!
                                                           just finished the fire
                                          anti-gravity - had to use trampolines to get up to
                                                               that wall to climb over

anti-gravity 2
Emily naturally finished first; I'm still at the top.
getting ready to run up that blasted concave wall

...the struggle begins... (yikes!)
poor man, he finally got me over.  my hero!
crawling over cargo netting to the big slide
heading down the slide - see the 2 diff expressions?!
gotta get to the finish line
Emily is having fun in the last pool
finished and got our medals!!

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