Friday, June 21, 2013

We Had a Better Vacation!!

So if any of you recall, hubby and I went on a cruise in February and by the end we were miserable people.  Well, on June 9th we left for vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands!!!!   This vacation was incredible, and we were much happier and satisfied with our week in TCI.  And even better, this was a trip in which hubby did not have to work like he did on the awful cruise. 

We went to the island of Providenciales of the TCI with a couple friend of ours and had a blast.  Since our flight was at 9a Sunday, hubby and I wanted to be at the airport about 7:30a, which meant we had to be up no later than 5:30a to get ready and finish packing.  We arrived at on the island about noon, went to the rented out townhouse, and then walked around the town of Grace Bay.  Anyway after eating an early dinner and having a couple of drinks, we were in bed around 8:30p.  What a long day. 

Monday and Tuesday were spent on the fabulous beach. (Per our normal selves we had a large bag of stuff and a cooler full of beer.  We cannot go anywhere without taking a crap load of stuff that is ‘necessary.’)  The beach was beautiful and fairly empty.  The water was gorgeous and clear and a few shades of blue.  It was dream like.  I was incredibly happy to see water like that with my own eyes.  I had seen that kind of water on tv shows and in magazines, but I just could not bring myself to fully believe that marvelous water was in fact a reality.  Marvelous!  Wednesday we spent the day at the pool of the townhouse.  There I practiced swimming (am a real beginner) and learned to float with patient hubby’s help. 

So Thursday, I was able to do another thing I had been dreaming of for years.  And that was to RIDE A HORSE ON THE BEACH!!!  Hubby, our friends and I had a great time.  The other wife and I were really excited to ride horses on the beach and in the ocean; the husbands were not thrilled at all.  But they were nice husbands and did it with us girls because they knew how happy this would make us. (Thus in turn making their lives happier.  Ha!)  Hubby was assigned a Belgian horse – think the size of Budweiser horses.  He said he felt like a Viking up there and all he needed was sword and shield.  Haha!  It was about a 10-15 minute walk from the stables to the ocean, and we rode in the water for about 30 minutes.  My horse wanted to swim but I was a little nervous about going out far enough for him to swim because he was a shorty.  After that thrilling adventure, we came back home and got ready for the beach again.  We were in the water so long we pruned.  This time hubby and I stayed long enough to watch the sunset.  It was quite pretty, but if there had been no clouds, I am sure it would have been stunning.

Friday, we had another amazing adventure and this time the husbands were really delighted about it.  It was a half day sail and snorkel tour on a sailing vessel.  And they happily served up ‘happy juice’ – aka rum punch.  On this tour, the boat captain took us to two spots.  One place for snorkeling was on a reef and the shallowest part of that area was about 15-20 feet.  I was going to stay on board and get in the water at the next spot.  The captain and assistant captain (or whatever 2nd in command is called) convinced me to get in the water.  They were extremely helpful and patient.  I was given the orange ring used save people and a noodle to use since I am a beginner swimmer and really panic when my feet can’t touch the bottom.  I was so frightened and nervous.  But I did it.  I went over board and began to learn how to SNORKEL!!!  I was extremely thrilled and proud of myself.  That time I was in the water maybe 10 minutes and that was all I could handle.  But I did get to see a few things once I convinced myself to put my head in the water.    At the next stop, which was at a beach, I swam and snorkeled even more and felt much more comfortable in the water and putting my head in it.  I truly loved my new found sense of freedom.  It was exhilarating!  I am already ready for my next snorkeling adventure.

We came home Saturday and it was nice to be back home.  But, HOORAY for happy and wonderful vacations!!!  :-D

path to the beach

hubby learning about Turtle


so peaceful

fish at the first snorkeling spot

beach where I spent a lot of time snorkeling

sailing boat captain and 2nd in command

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