Friday, May 31, 2013


If you have ever been into a pet store, and specifically went to the dog section, you have probably seen a toy that is a stuffed animal but instead of having regular stuffing, it has an empty water bottle.  Dogs like the crunchy sound of an empty water bottle.  In the store I frequently shop for Otto’s things, these can cost about $10 bucks.  And I have purchased 2 of them.   After about 2-3 months of pretty frequent and rough playing, the toys finally died.  Meaning they were ripped apart and could not be sewn back together.  Well, after the death of the 2nd toy, I decided to make one for Otto using one of Caleb’s old t-shirts.  I cut out part of the torso, knotted one end and went to sewing.  Before sewing up the opposite end, inserted the empty water bottle.
The toy turned out ugly and my sewing skills need some work, but all in all it worked out quite well.  It withstood tug-of wars, fetch and chase.  Since the fabric of this shirt was old, the fabric itself got some tears in it pretty easily and quickly.  But my design (the sections I sewed together and knotted) held up quite well.  So despite its ugliness and the fabric ripping after the 3rd day of play, my design worked quite well.  And for that, I am a little proud.  J
Here are some pics of putting it together, the finished thing and Otto playing with it.

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