Monday, March 6, 2017

Absorbed In Our Phones

A few months ago I saw a post on Facebook from a lady, who was sitting in an office, and saw most people on their phones rather than read the magazines offered.  This struck her as people maybe being slightly selfish, and wanting to be more absorbed in their own worlds than in the immediate world around them.  And when I read that, I thought momentarily that she is right.  But then I quickly changed my mind.  Why you may ask?  Well, the answer is simple.  I want to know what is going on in the world of other people.

Someone commented on that post about people missing out on the beauty of the world around them – like watching squirrels scamper across yards gathering nuts, listening to birds sing or just in general seeing all the people who may cross their paths. I can totally understand this point of view.  While at the office, I sometimes look out my windows to see squirrels going here and there across the parking lot looking for nuts to store up for winter and watching birds fly to and fro.  I miss out on some much of nature being cooped up in an office.  *But I am extremely happy and grateful to be in an office on really hot & cold days and days of bad weather.* 

But back to my last statement in the first paragraph.  I am an extremely curious person.  I love knowing what’s going on around me and around the world.  I enjoy listening to the news on NPR; I am not a huge fan of local news, and have not been for a long time.  I enjoy reading people’s blogs - specifically of people who travel around the world, either for a living or just about their vacations to foreign lands. I genuinely love seeing pictures from around the world – gorgeous beaches, majestic mountain ranges, luscious rainforests, food & craft markets in large cities, wild animals, beautiful valleys, mesmerizing rivers lakes & oceans, and so much more. 

By watching videos online & tv shows, looking at pictures and reading blogs, I get to see parts of the world that I may never get to see.  And if I am fortunate enough to travel to more of our own country or other places around the globe, there is no guarantee that what I view now online or on tv will still be the same whenever I may get to visit.  For example, I watch some travel and food shows and they highlight some really cool food & craft markets around the world; but if I get to go there someday, then the markets may change to something unrecognizable or may even be non-existent.  The oceans, lakes and rivers could become more trashed or lakes and rivers could dry up in the future.  

So, yes I will freely admit that I am one of those people seen playing on their phones when in public – for instance: in the waiting room at a doctor’s office or waiting for a table at a restaurant.  And yes, sometimes I am playing around just wasting time – checking up on Facebook, reading celebrity news and other non-useful, brain-deadening stuff.  But I try not to make all my time on my phone to be mind-dulling.  I try to learn new things, catch up on serious news or read about peoples lives – like how women are defying the religious and male-dominated societal customs in middle-Eastern countries, people who’ve invented cool things, had incredibly interesting lives or had great adventures.  With the immediate availability of information from around the world and its people, I love learning about things going on globally.

However, I am not absorbed in my phone all the time when in public.  If there are magazines offered in a waiting room, I will sometimes pick one up to browse.  I sometimes like losing myself in something – a book, crafts, etc – that cannot connected to the internet.  And in the occasional places where I cannot use my phone or read a magazine, I am pretty good at keeping myself amused – my thoughts alone are enough to keep me stimulated and captivated.  Ha!  J 

So in my posts, I usually try make a point – whether it is a reasonable sounding point or may sound plain crazy in the eyes of others.  But with this one, I am not sure if a point can actually be made.  After reading the Facebook post mentioned at the beginning, I felt I had to defend myself even though the woman was not talking to me directly.  I wanted to say that is ok to sometimes be absorbed on our phones or tablets or other such device.  And that is ok to not read magazines.  It is ok to be sucked into the social media world or gaming or mindless reading sometimes.  This is one beneficial tactic that our busy, over-worked, over-tired brains need sometime – time to completely chill out and zone out.  This time can be kind of refreshing and restful.  So however, you spend your downtime, I hope it is pleasant and maybe a little constructive.

Today’s pun comes courtesy of the interwebs ---

If Apple made a car, would it have Windows?

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