Friday, April 4, 2014

Life Update

So you all have probably not been anxiously waiting on the edge of your seats to read my latest post.  But I would like to think maybe the great time span since my last post has made you wonder, if only briefly, when another one would come along.  Well folks, here it is!

I feel that I have a really good reason for not writing in so long, I have been really BUSY.   Sounds like a clichéd excuse I know but ....... hubby and I MOVED – to another state!!  We moved to North Carolina – about 45 minutes from Charlotte.  February and March were crazy months for us; February was the craziest though – such a whirlwind it was! Hubby and I both found jobs, found a house to rent and moved.  Whew, seemingly so much was accomplished in a short time span.  March did slow down some for us, though not by much. 

The reason for our move was that hubby had a good job/career opportunity come up and after much deliberation, he went for it.  He is not one to excitedly anticipate change, especially a change as life-altering as moving and kind of beginning again.  But he faced his fears and experienced a Freedom Opportunity! (see post about FOs here)  His new job is still in the IT industry but he has different roles and so far seems to be enjoying it. I was quite proud of him for taking the plunge and accepting this great opportunity.

So about a week after he accepted this new position, I found a job too!  With another insurance agent.  Then about 2 weeks after that, we signed a lease on a house for rent and followed that up with hiring a moving company to move the up here the last Thursday of February.  So hubby and I effectively had 2 week days off before starting our new jobs.  We have now been at our new jobs for 5 full weeks and we like them and the people. 

We really love our new house in a quiet little neighborhood.  I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to no longer have neighbors connected by walls, a floor and ceiling.  Just to have room to breathe and move around without worrying about disturbing others (or being disturbed by others) is so very nice.  We have a nice back deck, lovely front and back yards and trees around us.  Hubby is beyond thrilled that he has a place to grill again.  I mean so thrilled and excited that on our 2nd full day of being here, we went and bought a grill.  He has already had to go buy a 2nd bag of charcoal!  The food coming from it is delicious!   As far as the backyard is concerned, Otto absolutely relishes it.  When we get home, he immediately goes to the back door whining and begging to be let out so he can romp, play, run and roll in the grass.  Or lay on the deck.  He really delights in being outside.

Also, we are back in the country now; no more city living.  All of us take pleasure in that fact.  It is calm and relaxing out here.  The two things that were a little difficult getting accustomed to was that there are no deliveries of food here and we cannot walk to any restaurants.  We are at least 7 miles from the nearest town.  But it is so pretty out here.  Yesterday when it was really quiet, while sitting on the deck I could hear cows from a nearby pasture mooing.  That made me smile.  J

So anyway, there are still are a few more boxes to unpack, hopefully those will be finished in the next few days.  But for the most part we are settled in.  As hubby says this is the best decision we have made in a long time.

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