Sunday, July 7, 2013


Before moving to the city, I lived in the country.  I rode horses, helped work cattle, competed in rodeos, cleaned out the barn and all sorts of other farm related activities.  I was constantly on horses.  After moving to the city in 2007, my time of riding was cut down drastically.  I mean to nil.  On rare occasions, I would get on a horse at my parents for about 5 minutes and be done.  But a couple of Saturdays ago, I went down there with the primary reason to ride.  Luckily my lovely and generous sister Amy let me ride her horse Obie, since I have not had a horse of my own in about 6 years.  And I must say, I did not forget how to ride!!  Yay!  Got on the horse correctly, did not fall off, sat correctly when loping and remembered how to barrel race the right way.  I rode 30+ minutes and had so much fun.  My parents and 6 yo niece Morgan rode their horses too.  It felt like old times – which translates into fun and wonderful times with family.

Here are a couple of pics of my parents, my niece and I on our horses.  Mama’s horse is named Bucket, my dad’s is Shinbone and Morgan’s is Monkey.  *My dad has always had a penchant for naming horses and dogs unusual names.  ;-)


Also, yesterday (7/6/13) I was able to spend quality time with Amy and Morgan – though not enough quality for any of us, it was still great to hang out with them!  J  They came to Atlanta from a small country town and according to Morgan the drive up was not good because of all the traffic here.  Haha!  We went to lunch, shopping and then came back to my place so we could go swimming.  Of course with all of the rain we have had these past few days, the swimming only lasted 5 minutes.  To go to lunch and shopping, we took my car – my awesome and fast Mustang.  It is definitely not a mom car.  Since Morgan is still required to ride in a child’s seat in vehicles, it looked completely out of place in my car – kind of threw off my car’s ‘cool’ character.  But she did have fun riding in it and loved the sound of my engine as much as I do.  The fact that she wanted to hear the engine be loud as much as I do was pretty dang amazing and funny.  (Side note - I told Amy when she was pregnant with Morgan that Morgan was going to take after me to some extent.  Her liking my car’s engine and other factors over the past 6 years have proved my prediction to be true.  Hehe!)    Oh, Morgan was so excited about coming up to see me, she woke up at 5am that morning.  Amy did not plan on leaving their house until 9:30a.  It is nice to be loved and wanted!  J
the misplaced carseat  ;-)

swimming the 5 minutes it did not rain

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